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The National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program at the Library of Congress is updating its communication tools!

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Update on the FADGI Still Image Group

The Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative, formed in 2007, includes representatives from various Federal agencies dealing with the digitization of cultural heritage collections.

The Voyage of "The Library of Congress" Motion Picture

Rediscovering a film from the 1940's about the Library of Congress.

NEH Grants Relating to Digital Preservation

A look at the NEH and the projects it funds.

Meeting of the Federal Agencies Audiovisual Working Group

The Federal Agencies Audiovisual Working Group held a meeting on July 28, 2011 attended by professionals from several agencies including the Library of Congress, the National Archives (NARA) and the Smithsonian.

Digital Preservation, Digital Curation, Digital Stewardship: Whatas in (Some) Names?

Where do these different terms come from and what do they imply?

Full Open Source Release of Recollection Platform

Recollection is a web application that enables librarians, archivists, curators, and historians to create dynamic interfaces to cultural heritage collections.

It's Been a Busy Year: Partnership Highlights

Among our digital preservation partners innovation is taking place.

Web Archive Preservation Planning

Though presented as a unified experience, a website depends on many interrelated parts.

6 Wishes for the Human Face of Digital Preservation

Technology is the easy part of digital preservation.

Yes, The Library of Congress Develops Lots of Software Tools

"What? Libraries develop software?" Yes they do.

Ask the Recommending Officer: The Civil War Sesquicentennial Web Archive

The first of a series of occasional "ask the Recommending Officer" posts.

Helen Hockx-Yu: Web Archiving at the British Library

Helen Hockx-Yu is the Head of Web Archiving at the British Library.

A is for Archives: the ABCs of preserving digital information

A new series that will explore the topic of digital preservation in an alphabetical way.

You Had Me at Preservation of Geospatial Information

Highlighting the Geospatial Data Preservation Resource Center.

Behind the Video: Making "Adding Descriptions to Digital Photos: Your Gift to the Future"

The making of an NDIIPP video.

Mapping the Geospatial Format Landscape

The Library of Congress hosted the 3rd Geospatial PDF Working Group meeting.

NDSA Profile: Educopia Institute

Enter Educopia, a non-profit organization whose mission it is to foster institutional relationships and help them succeed in their digital lifecycle curation efforts.

The August 2011 Library of Congress Digital Preservation Newsletter is now available.

In this issue:

*Making It Work: A recap of the July 2011 NDSA/NDIIPP Partners Meeting

*A compilation of blog posts on "The Signal" about Library of Congress web archiving projects, processes and data management

*A summary of the Uniform Law Commission's approval of the Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act at the ULC annual meeting last month

*Exploring Cultural Heritage Collections With Recollection, a free, open source platform that lets archivists, librarians, scholars and curators create easy to navigate web interfaces for digital collections

*Information about how to find out about digital preservation training

*Recent blog posts on "The Signal" featured stories by NDIIPP interns on their summer projects, topics related to creating and organizing personal digital content for future access, and other topics related to digital preservation

*Upcoming Events: Best Practices Exchange 2011, Oct. 20-22 in Lexington, KY, and Designing Storage Architectures for Preservation Collections, Sept. 26-27, 2011 in Washington, DC

Junior Fellows Wrapping Up Digital Preservation Internship Projects

The Library's 2011 Junior Fellows reflect on their busy summer.

How We Do Storage: A Saga of Bits, Disk, Tape and Systems

Over the last six months, the National Digital Stewardship Alliance Infrastructure Working Group has been talking storage.

Slaying the dragons: what is at risk and how do we rescue it?

The NDSA Content Working Group workshop explored what types of digital information might be particularly in need of preservation.

Digital Preservation in a Box: NDSA Outreach

Resources to support digital preservation outreach.

Multitasking for Digital Preservation News

How do you find pertinent information related to digital preservation?

I Can Haz Standardz: What Standards Should be in the Digital Preservation Toolbox?

The NDSA Standards and Best Practices Working Group is working on a digital preservation standards survey.

Digital Preservationas Got Talent: Awarding Innovation and Accomplishment

How can the digital stewardship community do more to recognize and encourage innovation in the field?

Digital Pioneer: Rebecca Guenther

When Rebecca Guenther retires from the Library of Congress in August 2011, 35 years of institutional knowledge about bibliographic information will go with her.

NDIIPP/NDSA 2011 Meeting Presentations

Presentations from the annual meeting are now available.

Meet My Trustworthy Friend UELMA

The Uniform Law Commission approved Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act, and this is huge for digital preservation.

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Animal Collective a aStrung With Everythinga

In a couple of weeks, Animal Collective will release their long-awaited new album Time Skiffs. The record features all four members of AnCo, with Panda Bear once again back in the mix, and it’s the first proper Animal Collective full-length since 2016’s Painting With. Thus far, Animal Collective have already released the singles “Prester John” and “Walker.” Today, they’ve unleashed another one called “Strung With Everything.”

Jay-Z, Meek Mill, & More Back Bill To Block Prosecutors From Using Rap Lyrics In Court

When rappers are tried with crimes, prosecutors often comb through those rappers’ lyrics, looking for potentially incriminating bars that might be used as evidence. Prosecutors have used this practice when bringing cases against prominent rappers like Boosie Badazz and the late Drakeo The Ruler, and they’ve also done it when charging underground or amateur rappers who might have a couple of songs on YouTube or SoundCloud. This process ignores the idea that rap music is a form of art — one with a long history of fantasy-fulfillment and exaggeration — and it has almost certainly put a whole lot of people in prison. A proposed New York state law might change that practice, and that law has the backing of a whole lot of prominent rappers, including Jay-Z.

Girlpool a aLie Love Lullabya

In December, Girlpool returned with a new song called “Faultline.” (It ranked amongst our favorites that week.) That was just the first taste of a whole new Girlpool album. It’s called Forgiveness, and it’s out in April.

Watch Japanese Breakfast Glide Their Way Through A Sublime aSlide Tacklea On Corden

Having already done Fallon, Kimmel, and CBS This Morning this cycle, Japanese Breakfast continued their campaign in support of last year’s ebullient Jubilee with a visit to James Corden’s Late Late Show last night. Their choice of material this time was “Slide Tackle,” a track Michelle Zauner worked on with Crying’s Ryan Galloway before they formed their side project BUMPER. In our track-by-track interview with Zauner, she said the song was initially her attempt to write a Future Islands song — “this really simple electronic beat with a cool bass line” — and you can certainly hear that in the finished product. But the song also benefits from some serious sax action (saxtion?). On Corden, the brass section traded enthusiastic outbursts with Zauner’s voice.

The Number Ones: Sir Mix-A-Lotas aBaby Got Backa

In The Number Ones, I’m reviewing every single #1 single in the history of the Billboard Hot 100, starting with the chart’s beginning, in 1958, and working my way up into the present.

Stream Chapter 3 Of Beach Houseas New Album Once Twice Melody

Beach House are releasing their eighth studio album Once Twice Melody in full next month, but the Baltimore band has been rolling it out in chapters since they announced it in the fall. We heard chapter one in November (and named “Superstar” in our best songs of the week list) and chapter two in December (“New Romance” was our chosen highlight from that) and now Beach House are sharing Once Twice Melody‘s third chapter. There’s five songs this time around — “Sunset,” “Only You Know,” “Another Go Around,” “Masquerade,” and “Illusion Of Forever” — and you can check them out, with animated visual accompaniments, below.

Mick Fleetwood To Produce Fox Music Drama 13 Songs

Mick Fleetwood will executive produce a music drama series currently in development at Fox, Variety reports. Titled 13 Songs, the show is about an aging rock hero named Jasper Jones and his band the Grift, “who once made music that spoke to a generation of Americans, but not anymore.”

Kristine Leschper a aPicture Windowa

Over the last couple months of 2021, Mothers’ Kristine Leschper announced she’d begin releasing music under her own name, and started rolling out her solo debut The Opening, Or Closing Of A Door. So far we’ve heard a couple songs from it, including “Figure And I” and “Ribbon.” Today, she’s back with another one.

Homeboy Sandman a aKeep That Same Energya

Queens underground rap veteran Homeboy Sandman has announced a new project, There In Spirit, produced entirely by the Detroit beatmaker Illingsworth.

King Hannah a aBig Big Babya

Over the last several months, recent Band To Watch King Hannah have been rolling out their debut album album, I’m Not Sorry, I Was Just Being Me. So far they have shared a couple tracks, including “A Well-Made Woman” and “All Being Fine.” Now, ahead of the album’s release next month, they’re back with a final single.

Stevie Wonder Urges Senators To Protect Voting Rights

Stevie Wonder has shared a short video urging Senators to protect voting rights, just as politicians take the debate over new voting rights legislation to the Senate floor.

2022 Grammys Rescheduled For April

Earlier this month, the Recording Academy announced that the 2022 Grammys would be postponed from their planned date of January 31 due to the omicron surge. Now, per The Hollywood Reporter, the Grammys have a new date and location. The 64th edition of the awards show will take place on April 3, and it will be broadcast live on CBS from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. The show was previously set to be held at the (fka Staples) Arena in Los Angeles.

Preview Lana Del Reyas Cover Of Father John Mistyas New Song aBuddyas Rendezvousa

When Father John Misty officially announced his new album ChloA<< And The Next 20th Century earlier this month, he also detailed a deluxe box set version of the album that will feature bonus 7″s of other people singing some of the new songs. One of those is David Lynch’s spin on “Kiss Me (I Loved You),” and the other is Lana Del Rey offering her take on “Buddy’s Rendezvous.”

Watch Charlotte Day Wilson Bring Sumptuous Low-Key R&B To Ellen

Charlotte Day Wilson released her impressive debut album Alpha last year, cashing in on the promise she’d exhibited in guest spots with a raft of hip bands and producers. The Toronto singer-songwriter-producer is quite good at low-key slow-burn R&B, and she shows us as much today with a visit to the final season of Ellen, where Parquet Courts have been ripping it up lately. Wilson’s performance of “Mountains” was far more sedate: Seated at a piano, she bellowed understated alto melodies, backed by a brass section and gospel choir that served soulful texture rather than bombast. If this was the new Adele single people would be losing their minds. Check it out.

Fly Anakin a aNo Dougha (Prod. Madlib)

For the last several months, Fly Anakin has been hinting he was building up to a new project with singles including “Sean Price” and “Ghost.” Today he’s back with the official news. Fly Anakin’s official full-length debut is called Frank, and it’s out in March.

Renata Zeiguer a aSunset Boulevarda

Back in 2018, the Brooklyn-based musician Renata Zeiguer released her debut album, Old Ghost, and today she’s back with news of an upcoming new album, Picnic In The Dark, which will be out on April 8. Lead single “Sunset Boulevard” is shimmering but shadowy, channeling a certain era of haunting old-timey theatrics as Zeiguer’s voice stays high and airy. “Baby, don’t you know I’m counting on the seashore?” she sings. “Oh, but something so familiar isn’t always right…” The track comes with a music video directed by OTIUM. Check it out below.

Krallice a aCrystalline Exhaustiona

Krallice have announced a new album, Crystalline Exhaustion, which will be out digitally at the end of the month. It’s the hard-working metal band’s followup to last year’s Demonic Wealth, which also arrived on short notice. They’re introducing the project with the album’s title track, which goes in a whole lot of different directions over its 14-minute runtime. As MetalSucks points out, Crystalline Exhaustion was recorded just last month at the Queens, NY studio Menegroth, The Thousand Caves. Check it out below.

When We Were Young Fest Will Bring Every a00s Emo-Pop Band To Vegas This Fall

Emo festival When We Were Young is coming to Las Vegas in October, bringing pretty much every single emo-pop band you remember from the 2000s along with it. My Chemical Romance and Paramore are headlining, with the latter performing their first show in four years at the fest.

A Place To Bury Strangers a aIam Hurta

A Place To Bury Strangers are releasing a new album, See Through You, in a couple weeks. We’ve heard two singles from it so far, “Let’s See Each Other” and “Hold On Tight,” and today they’re sharing one more called “I’m Hurt,” which comes with a music video directed by Chad Crawford Kinkle.

Darkside a aEcdysis!a

Last year, NicolA!s Jaar and Dave Harrington returned with their long-awaited sophomore outing as Darkside, Spiral. The album began as a weeklong jam session in New Jersey, which birthed several songs before the album was fleshed out and refined over another year and a half. Presumably, there’s some amount of material left over from all that time. Today, we get to hear some of it.

Bono Says He Hates U2as Name, Songs, Singer

U2 are one of the most successful rock bands in history, but — thanks to factors like their intense earnestness, Bono’s presumed messiah complex, and that whole “forcing the album on everyone’s iPhones” stunt — they’re also one of the most fiercely reviled. Everyone knows this; polarization is central to the U2 experience. What may surprise you is that one of the band’s haters is Bono himself.

Jawbreaker Announce Dear You 25th Anniversary Tour

Back in 2017, Jawbreaker reunited for their first shows in 21 years and proceeded to embark on a proper reunion tour. While there has been some sporadic talk of new music in the future, it appears that (at least for now) Jawbreaker are content to make their living off the past. Today, the band has announced a 2022 25th anniversary tour for their final album, 1995’s Dear You. (In case you’re stuck doing some math right now, the band state: “The last two years donat count.”)

Shoegaze Greats Drop Nineteens Announce First New Album In 29 Years

Drop Nineteens, a cult-beloved shoegaze band out of Boston, released two albums during their early ’90s run, 1992’s Delaware and 1993’s National Coma. Three decades later, they’re finally going to add a third LP to the catalog.

Ibibio Sound Machine a aAll That You Wanta

Back in October, Ibibio Sound Machine released a new single called “Electricity,” produced by Hot Chip. It was a banger, and it ranked amongst our favorite songs that week. Today, the group is back with good news: “Electricity” was a title track from a forthcoming album, and it’s out in March.

Album Of The Week: Anxious Little Green House

“My dad would play me a lot of early aughts power pop/indie music, and I was really looking to stuff like Fountains Of Wayne and Death Cab For Cutie. But I was also listening to Pianos Become The Teeth.” That’s Anxious guitarist and backup singer Dante Melucci telling Brooklyn Vegan about some of bands he was listening to while recording the Connecticut band’s debut album Little Green House. Before I turn to dust upon learning this adult musician discovered Death Cab through his father, I would like to identify this as a helpful rubric for understanding his band’s music — particularly that push and pull between Fountains’ unrelentingly catchy power-pop and Pianos’ soaring, melodramatic post-hardcore.

Stream Slowbleedas Unrelentingly Heavy Debut Album The Blazing Sun, A Fiery Dawn

Going back decades, Oxnard, California and its surrounding suburbs have a long, rich hardcore history. In recent years, Oxnard standouts Dead Heat have been fusing metal and hardcore with serious chops and fury, doing the ’80s crossover-thrash style better than probably any other band since Power Trip. These days, another band from that same area is doing a very different version of metallic hardcore, and they’re kicking a whole lot of ass, too.

PUP a aRobot Writes A Love Songa

The return of PUP is nigh. A few months ago, the great Toronto pop-punk band released two new songs, “Waiting” And “Kill Something.” Today, they’ve announced that they’ve got a new album with the self-referential title THE UNRAVELING OF PUPTHEBAND coming out this spring. PUP co-produced the new LP with Peter Katis, known for his work with the National and Interpol, and it seems like the new record will feature a lot of ideas.

Adam Schlesinger Tribute Concert With Courtney Love, Peter Buck, James Iha, Chris Carrabba, Glenn Tilbrook, & More Now On YouTube

After Adam Schlesinger died two years ago, there were a whole lot of touching tributes to the Fountains Of Wayne co-leader and power-pop songwriter. One of the most elaborate was a concert recorded at the Bowery Electric that was organized by his bandmate Jody Porter and was available as a video-on-demand livestream for a while last year. That virtual show is now available for all to watch on YouTube. It features performances from Courtney Love, R.E.M.’s Peter Buck, Dashboard Confessional’s Chris Carrabba, Squeeze’s Glenn Tilbrook, and a reunited Tinted Windows, Schlesinger’s project with James Iha, Taylor Hanson, and Bun E. Carlos. Watch the full concert below.

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